What I do

I develop software, with the primary goal to make programming easier, in specific for scientific applications, as well as making it easier to share results in the form of code, applications, and web apps. In practice, I work on several open source software projects, such as a Python IDE, and a Python web-tech-based GUI toolkit. I have an interest in (3D) visualization and have build Visvis, contributed to Bokeh and co-founded Vispy.

I earn a living as a freelance software engineer and by teaching Python to scientists. I try to combine paid work with open source work where possible. Further, I practice Yoga and Karate, and am a father of two sons.

What drives me

I believe that being able to program allows one to build awesome things, and that all people (especially scientists) should have easy and free access to good programming tools. Although its not a silver bullet, I think that when more people are literate in programming (and data analysis), they will also be more able to make their own informed decisions, instead of blindly relying on what other people/organizations say.


I studied electrical engineering, followed by a PhD in medical image analysis (to motions of stent grafts in vivo). During my PhD I needed tools for 3D visualization and data analysis. I fell in love with Python, but not everything I needed was available, which is why I set out to build some tools myself. I found building these (open source) tools very satisfying, and since then I have been trying to make a living with doing just that. For a more complete overview, see my Linkedin-profile.

Company info

  • Name: Almar Klein scientific computing
  • Location: Enschede, The Netherlands
  • email: almar @ thisdomain
  • KVK: 61855448
  • BTW (tax) id: NL100635635B01
  • IBAN: NL49 TRIO 0198 0056 44