Scientists need a dynamic programming language

Dynamic programming languages provide great advantages due to their interactive workflow, especially in science where algorithms are complex and take many iterations to get right. Developer time is more important than CPU time; writing all your code in a static language is (often) a bad case of premature optimization.

This post is a story about how I learned the importance of dynamic languages the hard way. I am sharing it here so that others might learn from it too. It also touches on some of the benefits of Python compared to Matlab.

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The importance of open source software in science

For the first post in this blog I wanted to write something that really matters. At least to me. I tried to get at the core drivers behind what I do: what are the fundamental reasons why I love open source software so much?

Here's why I think that open source is necessary to improve/fix the current scientific system and to guarantee our freedom to seek knowledge.

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